Who We Are

We are The Greater Vancouver Section of the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers. We are made up of transportation professionals and students in the Greater Vancouver region and BC Interior. The Greater Vancouver Section has two chapters: The BC Interior Chapter and the UBC Student Chapter. More information about these Chapters can be found in the links page.

The Executives

The Greater Vancouver Section have an Executive. The current Executive is made up of:

Brendan Stevenson, P.Eng., PTOE
Vice President
Linda Qian Lin, P.Eng., CFA
Jared Duivestein, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Niraj Sunuwar, P.Eng.
Past President
Billy Dong, P.Eng.
Sam Young, P.Eng.

Past executives: For a list of the past GVITE executives, please click here.


There are currently three chapters associated with the Greater Vancouver section. Contact information is given below:

UBC ITE PresidentIan Mckennapresident@ubcite.org
Interior Chapter PresidentIan Roth, P.Eng.cite.bcinterior@gmail.com
UBC Okanagan Student Chapter PresidentJohn Rozemaciteubco@gmail.com

Membership Information

Membership information and online application packages can be found on the International ITE Website.

ITE Greater Vancouver Section Charters and Bylaws

The following is a copy of our charters and bylaws. Please feel free to contact one of our executives if you have any questions.

ITE Greater Vancouver Section Bylaws
ITE Greater Vancouver Section Charter

Proposed Changes to GVITE Bylaws
Proposed Changes to GVITE Charter

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