Professional Development


Our Regular Meetings

We typically hold meetings on the last thursday of each month, expect in the summer. Guest speakers are invited to share with us their experinces of working in a particular transportation or related field.

Meetings are held at a number of venues and will be announced each time.

Keep an eye on the home page for details of the next meeting. Event calendar to be uploaded shortly.

Event Calendar

Date Event
Thurs., January 25, 2021 January Meeting - City of Vancouver - Transportation Plan Progress Report
Thurs., February 15, 2021 UBC ITE Industry Night
Thurs., March 1, 2021 March Lunchtime Meeting - Planning for Recreation Parking and Access In the North Shore Mountain Neighbourhoods
Thurs., April 26, 2021 April Breakfast Meeting - Vancouver's Downtown Streetcar - On the Right Track
Thurs., May 31, 2021 May Lunchtime Meeting - Designing Cycling Facilities with People in Mind
Thurs., June 28, 2021 June Dinner Meeting - Road Safety Vision
Thurs., September 27, 2020 September Breakfast Meeting - Transport Canada - Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative
Thurs., October 25, 2020 October Lunchtime Meeting
Thurs., November 29, 2020 November Dinner Meeting (Annual Award Dinner/Annual General Meeting)

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