Who We Are

We are The Greater Vancouver Section of the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers. We are made up of transportation professionals and students in the Greater Vancouver region and BC Interior. The Greater Vancouver Section has two chapters: The BC Interior Chapter and the UBC Student Chapter. More information about these Chapters can be found on the local chapters page.

The Executives

The Greater Vancouver Section have an Executive. The current Executive is made up of:

President: Borg Chan, P. Eng, PTOE. Email bchan@islengineering.com
Vice President: Thomas Kwan, P. Eng. Email KWANTH@tc.gc.ca
Secretary: Gordon Foy, P. Eng, Email gordon.foy@vancouver.ca
Treasurer: Kanny Chow, P. Eng, PTOE. Email kanny.chow@opushamilton.ca
Immediate Past President: Jane Farquharson, P. Eng., PTOE. Email janef@bunteng.com

The Committees

We also have various committees to take on tasks as and when they are needed. We currently have the following committees:
Newsletter: News Editor, Thomas Kwan. Email KWANTC@tc.gc.ca
Website: Website Editor, Daniel Fung. Email DFung@mcelhanney.com

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Executives and Volunteers

     Borg Chan, President

     Thomas Kwan, Vice President

     Gordon Foy, Secretary

     Kanny Chow, Treasurer

     Jane Farquharson, Immediate Past President

     Daniel Fung, Co-Webmaster

     William Wui, Co-Webmaster

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