Bill Curtis Award - 2006

Prince George Pedestrian Master Plan

A key component of this pedestrian plan has been the development and application of an index to assess which new links should be built first. Typically, the plans rate land use, transit, school proximity, risk from traffic on the adjacent road, and other factors to indicate whether the new sidewalk or trail would be used if built. In a study of the City of Prince George a similar index was used for prioritizing new facilities and to further develop an approach to rank repairs needed for existing facilities. Approximately 170 kilometres of sidewalk and 11 kilometres of walkway were assessed for their deficiencies, based on surface condition, hazard to pedestrians for trips or falls, drainage hazards, obstacles in the path and the presence or absence of curb ramps. The score was combined with an assessment of the likely use of each sidewalk or walkway. An innovative data collection and coding approach was taken using a hand held computer. This allowed direct upload to the City’s Geographic Information System and the production of a database of features of each link. The City has used the study to establish funding targets for a multi-year period.

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